Our Taylor Freezer Distributors & Broaster Representatives

Taylor Freezer Distributor Rodney Van Treeck

Rodney Van Treeck

Profit Center Consultant

Direct Line: 757-334-1771

Sales area:

Rodney van Treeck has been in the Food Service Business since 1988. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Business Management degree, Rodney opened up a Convenient Food Mart, a national franchise operation with 1200 units. At age 23 he was the youngest franchisee in Convenient Food Mart history. Rodney developed a Full Service Deli in his store as the center piece of his operation realizing that Food Service offered the highest profit potential and dramatically increased the Value of his operation. An integral part of the Deli Profit Center was the hot chicken program and the Specialized Food Service Programs Taylor Freezer offered with the Taylor Soft Serve Program, The FlavorBurst Program and the Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Program.

After 18 years of ownership Rodney sold the business to spend more time with his family. In 2006 Rodney was offered a Territory with Taylor Freezer. He quickly realized that he could offer his years of expertise in the Specialized Food Service Programs Taylor Freezer offered and help other business owners realize their full Cash Flow and Profit potential. Having the extensive business ownership experience gives Rodney the “owners perspective” when it comes to adding a profit center to your business.

Rodney is eager to share his years of expertise in developing a Profit Center that will increase the Value of your business by creating more Cash Flow and bottom line Profits.

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Jack Nathan

Profit Center Consultant

Direct Line: 336-689-1877

Sales area:

Jack is a consultant to the food service industry specializing in assisting food service operators find potential new profit centers within their existing business. With his extensive back ground working in the Food Service Industry he is qualified to advise new business owners on menus, equipment needs and potential layout ideas.

Jack has over 35 years experience within the foodservice industry, in operational management as Food Service Director for a major hotel chain in several of it’s locations, in his own specialty retail food and gift business (along with his wife) and advising food service operators on their equipment needs. His experience allows him to help spot sales and profit opportunities along with understanding the challenges associated with controlling the cost of food, labor and overhead associated with running a successful business. He has been involved in over 1000 successful installations of the Taylor Freezer Sales Company equipment lines.

As Territory Manager for Taylor Freezer Sales Company since 1993, Jack has assisted many business operators improve their bottom line by introducing them to new programs and concepts that produce profits. He focuses his efforts on working with both the individual operators and chain accounts assuring that their needs are met in all phases of the acquisition process, transitioning to the customer service as the operator takes delivery and starts selling product. As one of the top Taylor Distributors in North America their customers include all the major fast food chains, super markets, convenience store chains as well as the independent operators who want to add profitable foodservice programs to their business. It is the comprehensive parts and service network in place, providing support long after equipment is installed that is the main reason customers continue to deal with Taylor Freezer Sales for many, many years.

John Root

John Root

Sales Manager

Direct Line: 704-621-8778

Sales area:

Your Taylor Representative, John Root, is dedicated to your success. As a small business owner and department store buyer, John has over 10 years experience in retail and marketing/advertising. He understands the small business profit model and he knows how to generate cash flow. John has over 23 years experience with Taylor Freezers, over 12 years as sales manager. He knows how to determine the right piece of equipment to meet your needs and knows your local market. John will help develop your business strategy with:

  • Customized Profit Analysis calculated with your food cost so you can calculate your estimated Gross Profit accurately.
  • Needs Analysis to determine which equipment is right for your location; preventing over spending on equipment you do not need or wasting money on equipment that will not supply the capacity your business will demand.
  • Consultation on store design and space planning.
  • On Site Training for you and your employees.
  • Proven Marketing ideas.
  • Vendor Point of Contact information for supplies.
  • Contractor Coordination. We will coordinate with your electrician or plumber to make sure the correct utilities are installed for your particular situation as they relate to the Taylor Equipment.
  • In House Point of Sale assistance with High Resolution Images allowing you to customize Posters, Table Tents, Menus, Banners etc.
  • On-Going support. Always here to help you.

John is ready and willing to assist you with any and all of your equipment needs to make your business as profitable as possible. Call or email him today!

John Lefevre

Profit Center Consultant

Direct Line: 919-583-1051

Sales area:

John Lefevre has been successfully helping food service operators and/or owners achieve success and profitability since graduating with a Hotel & Restaurant Hospitality degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. Inspired by his first job in high school flipping burgers for a national quick service restaurant chain, he’s been intrigued and focused on learning everything pertaining to the ever changing and dynamic food service industry! His restaurant management experience; coupled with over 30 years working as a food service distribution business development manager gives him the knowledge and ability to help a restaurant, convenience store, hospital, or school achieve success by listening to their needs and goals and finding a solution. As a Sales Representative for Taylor Freezer Sales Company, serving the North Carolina market from the Triangle to the coast, John is always available to have a conversation about your business goals today!

Our Lainox Representatives

Eric Wiedemer

Regional Sales Manager, Lainox Cooking Solutions, Div. of Taylor Freezer Sales

Direct Line: 919-418-3279

Eric is a veteran of the commercial foodservice industry, having spent 20 years as an equipment dealer with his family’s operation in Rochester, New York.
After Eric and his brother George sold their Cable-Wiedemer Inc business in 2001, Eric moved in to sales chain development role with a national chain company that gave Eric great insight and avenues in the chain sector.
Continuing his journey in the foodservice industry, Eric and his wife purchased a HOODZ franchise where he could utilize his established chain relationships in a much-needed service side of the foodservice industry. After working tirelessly to turn the hood cleaning business around, Eric and Andrea were able to successfully sell the operation in 2016 to a retired executive who maintains the business today.
In his role with Taylor Freezer Sales, Eric has taken on the challenge of growing the Lainox Mfg. line of combi ovens throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the State of North Carolina. His clients consist of working closely with the commercial equipment dealers, foodservice consultants, national accounts and end-users to educate and sell them on the Lainox brand of combi ovens, cook and hold ovens and blast chillers.

LAINOXTaylor Freezer Sales Company (TFSC) proudly announces its newest division in the food service program industry; Lainox Cooking Solutions-Mid Atlantic. The declaration is in tune with the revolutionary Naboo Combi Ovens, to be unveiled at a specially organized event “Technology That Cooks”, at the At The Chef’s Academy Cooking Center in North Carolina. A global leader in the food servicing that suits every business needs, the company would hold full distribution rights for the Naboo Oven. Taylor Freezer Sales Company has been serving the Virginia and North Carolina markets since 1943, and has carved a niche for itself by offerings such as Factory Trained Service Technicians, Specialty Foodservice Equipment and round-the-clock Customer Support.

The Chef’s Academy (TCA) serves as a state-of-art cooking center, and the much awaited ‘Gastronomical’ affiliation is a great opportunity for the foodservice community and enthusiasts to explore the current happenings in the Industry. Entertainment by Ed Stephenson, the event is open for public and is slated for Monday, July 25th of July and will go on from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT). A splendid evening filled with gorgeous food demos, recipes, process, preparation system, cooking programs all in the latest in cooking technology is one the cards. A resplendent range of fantastic food and beverages, from the many booths are some other highlights of the much-awaited evening for the food servicing industry.

Taylor Freezer Sales Co.(TFSC) is the Exclusive Distributor and Service Agent for Taylor products in most of Virginia and North Carolina. Taylor Frozen Dessert Equipment produces the finest soft serve ice cream, yogurt, gelato and premium ice cream & custard. Other equipment would include Slush & Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Equipment, Frozen Cocktail Equipment, Direct Draw Milk Shake and Smoothie Equipment. Taylor’s High Capacity Clamshell Grills are designed for the Busiest of Restaurants. With Taylor equipment, specialty programs are designed for a quick Return on Investment

Taylor Freezer Sales Company will be featuring in The Chef’s Academy kitchens our “Best In Class” commercial kitchen equipment which features new technology for the foodservice industry:

Taylor 2 Sided Crown Series Grill- Revolutionary two-sided grilling cooks a frozen patty two-thirds faster than traditional flat grills. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure. Recipient of the Kitchen Innovations 2016 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, which recognizes cutting-edge foodservice equipment and technology.

Taylor Magna Blend –Faster, Smarter, Better, A Revolution in Blending

Taylor Batch Freezer-Ideal For Gourmet Ice Cream, Sorbet & Gelato

Broaster Pressure Fryer- State-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:

Lainox Cooking Solutions Mid Atlantic will be focusing on the highly anticipated Naboo oven, with its real cooking technology that is at the heart of the appliance. Lainox has put together a team of qualified professionals, employing the latest technology that simplify your business needs. It is more than just a cooking device, its every chef’s’ very own a personal assistant. Its most exquisite feature is the Cloud, and it facilitates the process of cooking by providing ready suggestions, redefining the essential business needs necessary for excellent quality results that are uniform over time. The worldwide network of Lainox’s passionate gastronomic community serves as a source of valuable insights, suggestions and recipes. Using recipes in the Cloud assures the maximum reliability and quality without limiting the creativity of the chef.