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Flavor Burst Ice Cream Systems

Multi-Flavor Add-On

“FlavorBurst is a great way to separate your Soft Serve Ice Cream Program from your competition.
FlavorBurst can increase your soft serve sales by 100%-300%.”
High Impulse + Great Taste = Higher Profit!

Ice Cream

The Flavor Burst system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to add 8 or more flavors to your soft-serve freezer (such as Model c706) by injecting concentrated flavorings throughout the ice cream.


The Flavor Burst Milkshake system allows you to serve 8 or more flavors from a single shake mix –  with no additional blending on models like our 428.

Frozen Carbonated Beverage

Turn your 2 Flavor Slush machine into a 10 Flavor Slush machine, all at the touch of a button and watch your sales soar!

Watch Flavor Burst in Action!

9 Flavor Soft Serve Machine – Flavor Burst

Cool Chiller FCB Slush – 9 Flavors

Take a Shake Break

On our Model C706

On our Model 428